What does KSPG do? In a nutshell!

Engine components and related services. That is KSPG in a nutshell. Behind that, there is much more, of course. Not only are we one of the 100 largest automotive suppliers worldwide. We also consider ourselves designers of the mobile future. The KSPG Group is part of the Rheinmetall corporation and employs about 11,500 people around the globe. The turnover of approximately 2.3 billion euros was generated of the Hardparts, Mechatronics and Motorservice Divisions.

Hardparts: From engine blocks to plain bearings to large and small pistons, we develop, produce and market customer-specific solutions for internal combustion engines for cars, commercial vehicles ships and stationary systems.

Mechatronics: As development partner of the automotive industry, we at Pierburg work on the engine technology of the future. EGR systems, valves, actuators and pumps are our field of expertise.

Motorservice: We are the sales organisation for international aftermarket activities and provide distributors, engine reconditioners and free repair shops with components.

We are specialised to the minutest details – but we always keep one eye on the big picture. That is our aspiration. For this reason, we regularly join in cross-departmental projects. Only this way can we pioneer and design tomorrows mobile technologies with our components for clean and efficient drives.


MS Motorservice Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

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